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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Looking Ahead

I love lists. I like to write down tasks, items to purchase and future goals. But what I like even more is crossing items off my list. It gives me a sense of control and a sense of accomplishment. 

Today, I did x, y and z!

I went shopping and bought everything on my list in 2 hours!

I'm still in my 30's and I've already accomplished these things!

I know it's dorky, but sometimes I've even gone back at the end of the day and written down the things I that I did, just so I can cross them off. It's a crossing-off illness, I suppose!

All of that is to say that related to making lists is looking ahead at what's to come. I love starting fresh and I equally love bringing something to a close.

Today, I looked at my calendar and realized that in 5 weeks I can bring another chapter of my life to a close. I've been involved with a professional organization for several years, finally serving as its president this year. It has been a  tough year. A down economy, drained financial reserves due to capital improvements, busy "day job" life, even busier home life. It seems wrong to say this, but I am really looking forward to August 29th and the end of my term.

I've learned a lot, particularly about confrontation (not my favorite thing), about doing the right thing even if it means not doing other things in order to do things right, and yet more lessons about the challenges of working with busy volunteers.

And I'll say it again, I am really looking forward to August 29th.


  1. It's mom's fault we like lists and have the crossing off syndrome. She is the one who would have lists for us when we woke up every morning!

    August 29th will be here before you know it.

  2. I had completely forgotten about the morning lists!