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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Recipe for a Practically Perfect Saturday

Take one long workout at the gym.

Add in brunch at the one-and-only Cafe Brazil with a husband and a great friend. Make sure brunch includes bottomless store-roasted coffee and a breakfast relleno.

Mix in a fun flick, Hellboy 2, at NorthPark Center, one of the first - and arguably still one of the best - indoor shopping centers in the US.

Stir thoroughly, letting the mixture rest during a 30 minute nap and a 14th listen to Coldplay's Viva la Vida in preparation for their November concert and your 7th row seats (AWESOME!).

Finish with a dollop of websurfing and reading good friends' blogs!

There you have it: one practically perfect in every way Saturday.


  1. Let's be clear - "husband and a great friend" in this instance are NOT the same person. There was another man. Not that we are not good friends (not me and the man-me and Shannah). And not THAT kind of other man (I know what you are thinking John Wheeler!). There was Shannah, me, and another man...

    Man, I just need to stop. Clear? Not really - but, yes, a very good Saturday. Continuing now to Parachutes - Coldplay's 1st album. And why not, maybe onto Rush of Blood to the Head for good measure...we might get "Cold Played" out before X & Y. Coldplayed, get it?

    See what I did?

    Oh, there is Coldplay Live 2003 too...hmmm...see a trend?

    We like this band.

  2. I got a two hour nap AND watched Star Wars I with Lauren - her first venture into the classic of space operas. Sounds like there was quite a bit of perfection to go around on this Saturday!

  3. Why Kelly, I don't know what you're talking about. My mind is as pure as the driven snow.

  4. K - you are SO digging yourself a hole. Nice deep hole.

    I can NOT believe you guys are going to Coldplay. I MIGHT get to go to Coldplay this fall if they don't move their concert again. I didn't even know you liked Coldplay. They were supposed to play here on the 9th of July but moved it.

  5. "pure as the driven snow"

    Dude - have you ever SEEN snow after it has been driven in??

    I know - it is hard to remember what snow looks like here in Texas...

    Ok - so what is this?? I make a VERY innocent statement and look at what happens.

    You would think there was a history of this behavior or something!

  6. I obviously need to work on clarity in my writing.