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Monday, July 28, 2008

Rest by Any Other Name... still the same.

Over the weekend, Kelly and I took a moment to analyze what all we'd done (and not done) in the cause of having a "restful" weekend. We had agreed mid-last week that what we wanted more than anything over the weekend was to get REST. It was funny to see the difference in what rest looked like to each of us.

True to form, my list was significantly longer than his, yet we both were well satisfied with what we had done and neither was aggravated at the other. 

Rest for Kelly was a break from thinking and activity. He spoiled the cats and lovingly entered even more lyrics into iTunes in an effort to get his wife to sing along correctly.

Rest for me was not accepting another minute in a messy house. My friend Cindy say her cleaning philosophy is to "live in a house that is clean enough to be sanitary, but dirty enough to be lived in." I wholeheartedly agree, but have to confess that we were slipping past what I think can honestly be called sanitary. (Too much busyness for cleanliness!)

Spending four hours cleaning, followed by working on my crafting hobby for much of the remaining weekend time was as wonderful as I could imagine it to be. I did what I wanted to, what relaxed me...I did things that weren't pressing to-do items. It was restful.

Maybe every weekend won't be filled with scrapbooking, cleaning or typing lyrics. The next "GET REST" weekend might be full of sleeping in, taking walks and lying on the couch watching DVDs. In any case, it's important to listen to your body and give it what it needs to recover - as long as it's not demanding an entire pint of ice cream. (That's just unreasonable.)

As one of my dear friends, Beth, says: "Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap."

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