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Friday, August 15, 2008

It IS the Thought that Counts

I am not a person who enjoys receiving gifts just to get gifts. In fact, when I took the 5 Love Languages analysis, receiving gifts ranks near last on my list.

However, the gifts I appreciate the most are the ones that show thought - remembering who I am, what I like and things that are important to me.

I feel very blessed that within the last 24 hours I have received two very meaningful gifts!! 

Last night was my final board meeting as President of a local professional organization. Rather than giving me some fancy-dust collector or trophy gift, the board gave me a series of scrapbook pages highlighting moments from my term in office. I LOVE IT!!! How perfect is this? Not only will it help me remember the fun moments, but it's a hobby that is near and dear to me. (Thanks particularly to Becky, who applied her skills in putting this together!)

Then, this morning I got back to the office after a morning meeting. A friend in the office just returned from a trip to the UK and brought two boxes of Crunchy Nut cereal - Kelly's favorite. Yet again, a perfect gift. A little bit of yummy goodness from our 2nd home that helps ease our longings for British life. (Thanks, Sam!!!)

I feel happy and quite blessed today. It's a perfect ending to the week.


  1. Why Kelloggs? Why? How come the best cereal I have ever had is one you only have outside the USA. I am certain it would sell well here. Were you NOT an American company first? Bring it on home fellas.