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Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Too Bad You Don't Know How Clever I Really Am

I have written some great blogs, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately for you, I write most of them in my head while driving, working out, showering at the gym, standing in line at a store, or the like, so you never get to read them. By the time I get near a computer I no longer remember the details, am too tired to type or just can't remember.

  • Didn't type my comparative analysis of feet and theology. Too bad, it was pretty funny - and deep.
  • Didn't type Kelly's hysterical riff on my couch-to-5k progress. Definitely funny.
  • Didn't type my rant about cell phone users on the road and in line (sparked by seeing a sign at Twisted Root that said "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone jerks and anyone on a cell phone."
  • Didn't type about the unwarrented attack on Sylvester the Duck, tragic and comical though it was.
  • Didn't type about my love of Dippin Dots, even though it will never be the Ice Cream of the Future.
  • Didn't type...gosh, I've already forgotten what that one was about.
Oh well, I'll just have to settle for cracking myself up.

Please ignore the strawberry blonde laughing silently laughing on aisle 5. She's writing yet another never-to-be-published blog.


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  2. Lucky for me, I know just how clever you are.