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Monday, August 11, 2008

On the Border: Part 2

I don't normally take time away from work for personal blogging, but I'm a little overwhelmed right now. 

Scratch that - I am totally overwhelmed right now.

If you read my original post about our On the Border experience last week (When a Treat Becomes Tragic), you'll find a posting in the comments from the manager of the restaurant.

I was floored, to say the least, at his response. And pleased. Very very pleased.

This situation wasn't about getting money back, or throwing a fit when something goes wrong. It's about receiving good customer service. I'm willing to be patient when things are busy, happy to wait for an incorrect order to be corrected. I don't even mind waiting in line! But what I can't stand is poor customer service.

Good service is acknowledging a mix-up and apologizing. It goes a long way.

However, today I have moved from pleased to overwhelmed. A little while ago, I received a visit from Sally French, the catering director of the Plano On the Border.

Talk about a major wow. Sally was as nice as could be. I'm already mentally planning how I can use her team to cater a party. (I don't really need an excuse to throw a party - I just need a day and time!) And my office is full of happy staff munching on sugared treats and fresh fruit, just when they needed an afternoon pick-up.

The mix-up and bad follow-through that I complained about was answered with incredible customer service and personal attention - more than I expected, needed or wanted, but appreciated all the same. I have no hesitation in suggesting that you stop in for a meal (dine in or to-go) at the Plano On the Border (located at 15th and Central Expressway) if you're in the area and want some great Tex-Mex.

Unfortunately, due primarily to my schedule not meshing with his, I haven't been able to connect with general manager, Kevin Moore. You can bet I'm going to, though!

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  1. Letter going out in tomorrow morning's mail:

    11 August 2008

    Kevin Moore
    On the Border
    1505 North Central Expressway
    Plano, TX 75075

    Restaurant Support Center
    Brinker International
    6820 LBJ Freeway
    Dallas, TX 75240

    RE: Follow up after unsatisfactory meal and service at Plano On The Border August 7, 2008

    Dear Kevin and Brinker International:

    Thank you for your efforts, both on-line and in-person, to resolve our complaint about our unsatisfactory to-go experience last week.

    I have felt for some time that good customer service in the U.S. has gone by the wayside. Let me say this – Kevin, you and your team at the Plano restaurant don’t provide good customer service. You provide great customer service.

    We were looking for a mere apology and efforts to correct a process that wasn’t working. Instead, you’ve treated us oh-so-graciously, almost embarrassing us with your generosity.

    Thank you, again, so very much. We look forward to our next “run to the border” in Plano!


    Shannah A. Hayley