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Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's Your Favorite Book?

I think I'm doing a relatively decent job of reading my monthly magazines and staying on top of professional development books (one every quarter...or so). But I don't think I'm reading enough for pleasure.

So I've joined a book club - online, no obligations, no meetings, no stress. But maybe if I get enough in the habit, I'll start a little book club through this blog. Wouldn't that be fun?

This started when a friend emailed and asked me what my favorite book was. Wow. What a tough question! Is "It depends" an acceptable answer?

I long for Africa - The No. One Ladies Detective Agency
I feel like roving - I Married Adventure
I want to be terrified by possibilities - any Tom Clancy novel
I need hope - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
I want to dream about the old days - any Laura Ingalls Wilder book

I could go on and on.

How about you? What's your favorite book?


  1. Tough question!! Science fiction - The Hyperion series by Dan Simmons. Classics - Lord of the Rings. Christian fiction - The Shack. Christian apologetics - Orthodoxy. Theology - The Triune Identity.

  2. Tell me more about The Shack. Several folks have recommended it to us.

  3. The Shack is an intense book that takes a look at pain and suffering and God's response to our questions and accusations. There are some natural allusions to Job, but William P. Young draws a picture of God -- a very literal rendering of the Trinity -- who meets us where we are and works with us to try to move past what is dividing us from Him. Mack, the main character of the book, is in pain and angry at God because of the senseless violence done to his six year old daughter, which hit me hard because Lauren was six when I read it. God wants to meet Mack and the Shack where the worst happenede to Mack's daughter, and it just takes off from there. For any one with pain and questions for God, I highly recommend. It has transformed by relationship with Christ.