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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anatomy of a Non-Runner's Run

Dear friends, family and other blog readers - I did it! Last night, I successfully ran 2.5 miles. You already know what a feat this is (for me). However, I have to do this at least two more times before the couch potato program allows me to move on to the next level (2.75 miles, gulp!), so I thought it might be useful to really understand how a 2.5 mile run plays out.

Total distance (including warm-up): 2.8 miles

0.0 miles - I have energy, but I'm not sure I can really do 2.5 miles.

0.3 miles - ok, I think I've had enough of a walking warm-up, time to run!

0.6 miles - this really isn't as bad as I thought it would be today.

1.0 miles - ankles holding up ok, I can do this

1.1 miles - this is a little boring

1.2 miles - can this mileage counter move any slower?

1.3 miles - one down, 1.5 to go

1.4 miles - I thought I'd gone further since the last time I looked at the mileage counter

1.5 miles - how bad would I feel if I quit right now?

1.6 miles - stop whining and get through it. You're better than this!

1.7 miles - maybe it would help to look at the tv instead of watching mileage counter

1.8 miles - nope, that didn't help. I'm still looking at the mileage counter

1.9 miles - rats, the thunderstorm knocked out the tv altogether

2.1 miles - I've almost run 2 miles!

2.3 miles - two down, I'm nearing the end

2.4 miles - gosh, I have another half a mile to go

2.5 miles - why is this so hard? I just ran 2.25 miles on Saturday...

2.6 miles - if you give up now, you'll be disappointed

2.7 miles - why give up now? It's only .1 more mile

2.8 miles - SUCCESS!!

3.1 miles - (cooldown) Hmmm...I think I could have run 3 miles today. I wonder why I stopped?


  1. I would write the same kind of mental documentary on 26.2 miles so that you can see how similar it is-but I think the internet might run out of space...

    Welcome to my mental world. It does not get any better than this!

    (evil laugh-like you hear in a horror picture)

    Actually, this is why I listen to music-to try to drown out the thinking.

  2. I ran (mostly) 2 miles tonight. I always thought the only time I'd ever run that far was if some wild animal happened to be chasing me. I find it quite interesting that when I had to take a break and walk, it wasn't because I was sucking wind. It was because of muscle fatigue. My knees or my ankles would get tired, so I'd take a little break. Ok, there were a couple of times when I had to slow down because I was sucking wind, but my knees and ankles were hurting, too.

  3. Kelly love - I want to be able to run like you some day. But I don't think I will ever run as far as you do!! You are awesome...

    John - Great job! I can't wait to run the Tyler 5k with you and to wave to Kelly as he passes us running the Tyler Half!