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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Has Anyone Ever Told You... ?

I'm still recovering from sitting at the hospital all weekend. I am fine - we were there keeping my mother-in-law company post-surgery. My mother-in-law is not-yet fine. We hope she'll be heading home soon. All that aside, sitting (and sitting, and sitting, and sitting...) is a completely draining experience. I have a hard time sitting still at home, let along in a strange place. 

To that end, I've never been a good sitter when I'm at home. As I tell my husband: There are a million things that need doing. If I wait to do them until later so I can sit still for a while, they will never get done. That's just all there is to it!

  • While watching tv in the evenings, I fold laundry, cook dinner, play with the kitties and put organize my next scrapbook layout. 
  • While getting ready in the morning, I look over a magazine, cook breakfast, check my email, write a blog entry (!), and squeeze in an ab workout.
  • And so on. I simply don't sit still for long, unless I'm completely exhausted, sick or in a hospital waiting room.
When Kelly and I were in the process of moving overseas several years ago, the organization we applied to work with sent a psychologist to our home to evaluate our mental fitness. Before his arrival, we had to complete a questionnaire that assessed our mental health and outlook on life. One of the yes/no questions was "I have trouble sitting still." I, of course, answered yes.

Apparently, there are right and wrong answers on mental health questionnaires. Midway through our interview/assessment, the psychologist looked at me and asked:

Has anyone ever told you that you might have ADD?

I wanted to ask him:

Has anyone told you that I'm both a full-time employee and a wife? Sitting still doesn't fit that job description.

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  1. ADD? Really? You never told me THAT story!!!!! (I'm still laughing!)