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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lovely Lavender Linen Water

We fell in love with lavender-scented linen water when we lived in England.

It's pretty simple to use. Instead of distilled water, you pour the linen water into your iron. The result is lightly-scented, fresh pressed clothes that you can't wait to wear. And the weekly chore of ironing was a bit more pleasant as well.

Trust me: lavender makes your clothes smell new, springy and wonderful.

You can imagine that lavender-scented linen water was one of the first things we searched for when we moved back to the US. It wasn't terribly hard to find. However, we had a bit of sticker shock.

Our U.K. favorite, Comfort's Vaporesse, cost 99p (at the time, just under $2). The cheapest we could find here started at $5, plus shipping.

The solution? Make my own.

Here's a recipe for our own homemade Lavender Linen Water. It's affordable, effective and so much better for your clothes, iron and mental health. (Ok, I just made up the last one, but it could be true!)

Lavender Linen Water

1 gallon distilled water
8-12 drops lavender essential oil, depending on your preference

Mix together thoroughly. Use in place of water in your iron.

Note: Lavender essential oil can be found at Whole Foods and in the homeopathic sections of most stores. It's not inexpensive, but lasts a great time as a few drops go a long way!

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