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Monday, October 20, 2008

I'd Rather a Stiff Upper Arm...

...than suffering through flu season again with a stiff upper lip.

Seriously, experiencing my first bout of flu as an adult earlier this year was a dreadful experience. Making it even more memorable - dreadful - awful - pitiful - was experiencing the flu with my husband. Both of us were too sick to care for, or about, the other. 

I don't want to be dramatic, but the 2008-2009 flu season has already arrived. Yesterday, Kelly and I headed off to our church to get a flu shot (thanks, HGBC!) to give ourselves some measure of protection.

My arm is stiff today, but I'd gladly take that over nine straight sick days and holding myself against any hard surface while I coughed (so I wouldn't fall over). I felt like I lost the entire month of February 2008. Where did it go?!? And all of those "recover from the flu plans"? Let me just say: the best recovery plan is to sleep, drink copious amounts of water and suck on throat lozenges.

My advice? Get the shot. You may still get a strain of the flu that isn't in the shot, but you'll likely have an easier time of it. And for those of you who never get the flu, whether you take the shot or not, get it it anyway. This may be your "lucky" year, like February 2008 was for me. What do you have to lose for taking the shot except for a stiff upper arm?

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