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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Crafty Christmas

Many of Christmas 2009’s gifts seemed to center around books and art.

After all, one can’t ever have too many books. And, in my opinion, one can’t ever have enough quirky hand crafted art!

Like the mustard seed necklace gift surprise, I found another great artist on Etsy who was able to convert fingerprints into necklace charms. During my parents’ surprise anniversary party in June, my sisters and I engaged in another covert operation – getting good quality thumbprints. I also asked my middle sister to get her children’s thumbprints. I told her I’d include the prints on Grandma Mo’s necklace.

I lied. I actually was working on a separate gift for her.

But I digress…

Anyway, the finished necklaces were a lot of fun and totally unique. And both Grandma Mo and The Middle loved them!

For my dad, I had a caricature artist in San Antonio capture a funny family story. In June 2008, a tornado ravaged my hometown, coming quite close to where my folks lived. In the midst of the storm, my dad sent my sisters and I an email, telling us that he could hear the funnel.

Our response? The Youngest emailed and said Get off the computer!

I had the artist draw a sketch of my dad, sitting in his recliner and emailing us, while a tornado was carrying him away.

Too fun!!

I love crafty Christmases!

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