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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Spotted at a big box retailer:

Two thoughts immediately come to mind:
  1. You can't tell me that there aren't jobs available for anyone who wants/needs one
  2. I know lots of people who meet this job requirement!


  1. 1. That's funny.
    2. They must be really desperate.

  2. Or 3. They were the victim of a prank.

    Interestingly enough, they had 2 signs on either side of the door, both with the same message.

  3. Nope - no prank, I live like a block away and it's always like that. Sometimes they change it up and put something else up, but it's always something slightly crazy or bordering on nonsensical. I think they must just have a weird manager!

  4. very good way to draw customers in to ask about the sign or talk about the business.