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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tales from the Toolbelt: 2010 Edition

In my free time not spent doing anything else, I did complete some home improvement projects over the holiday break.

First up was dealing with the messy, half-used storage cabinet in the master bathroom.

The problem? The space is tall and narrow. I’ve looked in all sorts of places to find the right something that will help me get – and stay? – organized. Finally, I found the perfect solution at Target.

Looks much better, doesn’t it?

Now if only I could remember where I’ve put everything.

Second, I tackled our master bedroom window.

While the wooden blinds provide plenty of privacy, they aren’t so great at keeping out light at night. The siting of the Hayley House puts the full moon, ummm, fully in our eyes.

Hmmm…now that I think about it, I used to be able to sleep in any light condition – daytime, nighttime, naptime… When did I get to be so old? What’s next? A sleep mask and ear plugs?

I digress.

To block a majority of the light, I knew that blackout shades were in order. I could have made them myself, sewing lining to the back of inexpensive curtain panels.

But I don’t have a sewing machine. (I sold mine – twice – moving back and forth to Europe.) And I don’t have time. And it’s easier to buy them, especially when you have coupons and a Christmas gift certificate burning a hole in your pocket.

And there was one other little problem. The previous owners obviously had a valence over the window and had left the 3” valence rod in place. In the mad rush of home improvement work last spring, I hadn’t asked the contractors to take down the rod before patching and painting the room.

Mental note: Never assume that contractors will do anything that you didn’t specifically ask them to do. For additional peace of mind, also never assume that contractors will remember to do everything you specifically asked them to do.

So what to do?

Take down the valence rod, patch and paint, then drill and rehang new curtain rods? Or work with what I had already in place?

You’ve got it – I went with option #2.

I found blackout shades in a color that I felt would work with our paint and soft furnishings. I was careful to make sure that the rod pocket would accommodate my 3” valence rod width.

My window is 84” wide – to give it an appropriate fullness, I purchased 3 standard-width panels.

What do you think?

Honestly, I’m still trying to decide if I like the gold curtains. They don’t have as much contrast with the wall color as I’d prefer. I may take them back and swap them for burgundy.

But I’m afraid that might give the room too dark of a tone.

Either way, I’m really pleased with the finished look the curtains give our master bedroom. It’s almost as though our bed is set on a royal dais.

The King and Queen have retired for the evening!

Hey! I’m talking about The Boy and I…not the furbabies.

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