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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gold Stars All Around

We're folks who operate on our own timetable. That means we DVR nearly everything and catch up on our favorite shows when we have time.

So last night we finally sat down to watch Sunday's premiere of Undercover Boss.

Wow! Fantastic reality show - for now anyway. Until it gets old and tired (like The Apprentice and Survivor and The Amazing Race and...)

Anyway, I thought it was very unique, moderately scripted, definitely tear-jerking in places and a wonderful PR coup for the participating companies.

To whomever thought of the concept, I just have to say:

Gold stars all around!

Bonus credit to anyone who knows what actor said the above line. Double bonus points if you know the name of the movie. Triple bonus points if you know both of the above without resorting to Google!!


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. I watched it today online because the post-game show ate 20 minutes of the show. I am eager to see this Sunday's because I want that one manager fired for what he made the women do on the preview!