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Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!!

The snow stopped sometime in the early hours this morning - and what a hum-dinger of a snowfall it was!

Side note: You can bet I turned every tap in the house to drip last night before going to bed. After all, The Boy is out of town and I didn't want a repeat of the last cold winter storm. We all know how I lose my head in those sorts of situations.

So no frozen pipes this morning. Instead, just an amazingly beautiful crisp morning. I love how a covering of heavy, white snow makes everything look picture perfect. (I can almost forget about my long list of Hayley Home Improvements yet to be done...almost.)

It's almost too much for our poor trees - they've never seen so much snow!! Look at how this one is submitting to the power of the snow. Oh yes, Mr. Snow. Right away, Mr. Snow! I bow before you, Mr. Snow!!

And our patio set is even more heavily adorned for a winter time snow tea party than it was last night. (By the way - can you see the bunny tracks through the snow? Too fun...)

How deep is that, anyway? (7 inches!?!)

I had a friend camp out here last night rather than trying to make the drive to her South Dallas home. When we turned on the television this morning, we saw that this snow definitely was something special - an all-time record!

The meteorologist said that we're only a couple of inches away from the snowiest winter on record. The way things are going, I have a feeling we're in for a record year all around.

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  1. Look back at these pictures next August and try to imagine how it was possible that there was so much snow on your patio.