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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scenes from a Sunday

It was an amazing weekend. Simply amazing. Rest, exercise, chores, cooking and jokes. Who could ask for more.

If I could, I'd put Sunday in a bottle and pull it out for days when I'm feeling a bit blue. Instead, maybe I can just look at the photos I snapped to remind me of what a wonderful Sunday looks like.

It starts with a calf rub for Marathon Men while we drink coffee and slowly wake up.

And spotting the first blooms of Bluebonnets scattered near White Rock Lake. If only we weren't late to church {as usual}, The Boy might have let me stop to take a photo.

Then discovering a nest of fragile eggs guarded by a very nervous Mama Dove next to the patio. We're turning into a real nursery, between our new-found Mama Dove and our constant-stealer-of-the-bird-food Mama Squirrel (who looks about to pop any day now!). I can't fuss at Mama Squirrel. After all, she is eating for, what, 8?

Toss in an afternoon walk with the Ice Cream Posse to Baskin Robbins. The calories don't punish you if you have to walk over 3 miles to get there and back. Honest.

Sneak a peek at the furbabies and catch them deeply involved in their favorite activity - napping. Bug them because they're too tired to complain.

Finish by making fried chicken from scratch - for the first time ever - and hear the happy sighs and munching noises of success. {Silently thank The Pioneer Woman for her step-by-step instructions. Then regret meeting such success knowing that you will now have to make fried chicken from scratch more often.}

Stir it all together with a strong dose of sunshine, bright blue skies, pink and lavender tree buds, sprouts of vivid green grass and the smell of fresh laundry. Ah, perfection!

Tell me...what makes for a perfect Sunday (or weekend for that matter) for you?

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