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Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Have a Winner

In our ongoing competition for Laziest Furball On The Planet, I bring you our two contestants.

First up, Ben. Lover of laps, stalker of soft spots, hoarder of the ottoman, bed, warm laundry and the space between the pillows on the back of the sofa:

And contestant number two, Bridget. Difficult to please, hard to resist. She has perfected the art of sleeping with a paw over her face and balancing her weight so she doesn't feel like a sack of potatoes in your lap. Also a stalker of laundry, sunny spots on the floor and spare ankles.

Clearly Bridget hasn't brought her A game today. Eyes open, she gives the distinct impression that she's irritated to find the judges inspecting her form. Points will be lost for this obvious show of contempt.


CONGRATULATIONS, Ben! You are {once again - and every time, for that matter} the winner of today's Laziest Furball On The Planet Award.

Stop looking at me like that. My lap is not available.

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