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Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Do They Know?

Whenever I see the furbabies doing something cute, I want to record the moment. But every time I get my camera out, the furbabies refuse to cooperate!

For example, the Bridget rolls around on the carpet to get my attention so I'll rub her belly is just too cute.

But this is usually the picture I get. Aggravating.

And half the time Ben is trying to figure out how to get me to pet him, so I get a photo of this:

When really I want a photo of this:

So tell me: How do they know I'm on my way with the camera?


  1. It must be the same instinct that makes elephants turn their rear ends to TV cameras. ~sigh~

    Or, it could be attached to the gene that alerts animals to trips to the vet ... because we know they all LOVE that car ride!

  2. And, I suppose, the same reason zebras turn their backs to the camera when you are on safari. Frustration galore!!!

    Speaking of pets...need a content update on the new family member. Stat!