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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Said No

I feel a minor - perhaps major - sense of accomplishment. I just said no to something that I really wanted to say yes to.

I was asked to lead an important committee, which would have given me great professional exposure and new networking contacts. The time commitment was pretty intense for a seven-month period. Over the course of the assignment, I'd have a chance to meet and work with some very interesting folks, get my name in front of a great community and have a challenging (and fun) project to oversee.

The professional exposure and new networking contacts will primarily benefit me, not my company. I'm also in the middle of some intense projects at work while teaching two university courses in my "spare" time. And, of course, there's a Boy, Niece and House needing some attention.

I wanted to say yes - badly. Maybe it's ego or perhaps just the love of a challenge, but this was a great opportunity. However, I had to be realistic about the time I had available and the time I needed to keep for myself and those I care about. After all, who wants to find themselves drowning in a pile of responsibilities with no time for rest? So, I called the organizers and told them I couldn't chair the committee.

Who would have thought that saying no could be so empowering?!? Watch out...I might start saying no more often!

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