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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Driving The Boy Crazy

Apparently, I'm driving The Boy crazy.

He mentioned Monday evening that he'd gotten a follow-up call from our doctor. They just called to tell me my blood test results, he said.

Me: Oh really?

Him: Yes. No big deal. They told me this and they told me that. And my cholesterol level was 130, apparently that's on the high side.

Me: You have high cholesterol?

Him: No. I don't have high cholesterol. My cholesterol number was on the high side.

Me: But doesn't that mean you have high cholesterol?

Him: No!! It just means that I have to be aware of what I'm eating and exercise moderation at times.

Me: I can't believe you have high cholesterol. You exercise and eat very healthy foods.

Him: I.Don't.Have.High.Cholesterol.

So I did a bit of googling the next day - to be fair (to me, that is), I did search for "cholesterol number is a bit on the high side" and "cholesterol number 130." I did not search for "high cholesterol."

I found a really helpful page that detailed out cholesterol risk ranges (here) and an even better page that outlined a healthy eating guide to promote lower cholesterol (here).

I printed the eating guide and took it home. While making dinner, I mentioned what I'd learned and told The Boy that it appeared we were doing fairly well with meeting the guidelines already.

Him: I wish I'd never told you about that phone call.


  1. Surely 130 cholesterol isn't high, is it....if that's TOTAL, I can't imagine it being "high". The ratio, HDL to LDL, is something to consider. Was the test done after fasting?

  2. I think it's his LDL, but he didn't say. :)

    It was after fasting. After much nagging, I learned that they really weren't alarmed over the number or the ratio. Only I, apparently, was alarmed!

  3. btw - I meant about the being alarmed, not the level of cholesterol!