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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Not-So-Great Start to 2010

I'm irritated. After years and years of hording sick time, because I'm never sick, I have nearly depleted my available sick time.

2010 has not started off well for me. The Boy said, when I griped about it to him earlier this week, Well, you can't expect to be healthy all the time.


Here's record so far:
  • January - Bum leg (ouch!). Attempt to rehab at home. Fail.
  • February-April 13 - Bum leg gets professional help.
  • April 15-29 - attack of the perpetual nose drip. Dratted allergies.
  • April 30-May 13 - sinus infection and body-wracking coughs (ouch!). Attempt to rehab at home. Fail.
  • April 14 - Sinus infection and cough gets professional help.
  • April 16-present - body-wracking coughs take their toll on the lower back, sending it into spasms. Rest is the only cure. {Still feels like a fail.}
Is it too much to ask to be healthy for a while?!? I'm having running (and a bank of sick time) withdrawl.


  1. Maybe you should talk with an Allergist. He/she probably can't help much with the bum leg, but the other conditions may have a cause that can be helped. The weather this Spring everywhere has caused respiratory problems.

  2. I've noticed a slight trend. Something goes wrong. You wait too long to get professional help. Maybe there's a lesson here. I'm not sure.

  3. You're too young to start falling apart like this. Maybe you need a nice long vacation !

  4. Yeah, Shannah, maybe a vacation in Hawaii is what you need. I know someone who can give you some tips.

  5. I can tell that I definitely need a vacation - one where the Blackberry stays turned off for a majority of the time.

    I also need to learn to get help earlier, rather than later, so I don't suffer so much.