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Friday, May 25, 2012

True Story

It's insane around the Hayley House - I'm not even going to try to sum it up because even that feels too exhausting.

However, here is a random sampling from the past week:

1. Bridget can steal food from a boiling saucepan.

2. Bridget can steal food from a boiling saucepan without you finding out until you discover food on the floor.

3. Removing a bird's nest from your exterior dryer vent exhaust doesn't guarantee that the dryer won't break immediately thereafter.

4. A bird's nest isn't the only thing that can kill a dryer. Sometimes the heating element will choose to spontaneously die, at the exact same time.

5. In the State of Texas, you have 30 days to officially get insurance on a newly purchased vehicle. (Thankful for this, by the way.)

6. Small towns in Texas will sometimes require you to drive several hours to attend a mandatory pre-bid meeting simply because they don't want to issue clarifications via email.

7. When you are tired, you may accidentally leave your soaker hose on all night. This will send copious amounts of water into the alleyway.

8. Sheets that are wearing out may spontaneously rip when you turn over.

9. You may be too tired to do anything about ripped sheets. For a week.

10. If you roll over on a sleeping cat at night, waking yourself up, don't bother shaking said cat to make sure it's still alive. That will just aggravate the cat.


  1. So many lessons learned! Make sure you write them down in a book so if someone should come house sit ...