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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Still thinking about the theme of "living in crazy."

It's important to know when to step back from life chaos and concentrate on what's important: calling your family to check in and ask about their lives, and spending time with friends.

So that's why I talked to my Baby Sister for the first time in at least three weeks on Friday. And it's also why The Boy picked me up outside my new office downtown and we headed to visit friends for the weekend.

Now we had an additional reason why we wanted to spend time together - a really fun special event that I'll write about later - but this morning I know for certain why we needed to spend time together.

You see, right now I'm sitting on the couch, drinking coffee. The sounds and smells of S cooking breakfast are wafting through the air - along with stern instructions for an egg to "calm down." Our Boys are chatting in the kitchen, looking over a spreadsheet (yes, really). Their furbabies are wandering from room to room, attempting to tell all of us what to do (the "to do" seems to be mostly focused on treats and petting).

And me? I'm content. This is normalcy. This is feeling comfortable and relaxed. This is spending time with people you love, doing a whole lot of nothing special - and that in itself is pretty special.

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