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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


What trip (even a short one) would be complete without sampling a local dive favorite restaurant?

That's how we found ourselves at Herby-K's in Shreveport. Founded in 1936, Herby-K's still looks like it always did - or at least the way I suppose it always has: a small shack tucked away in a decaying neighborhood.

Shack or not, great neighborhood or not, the food can't be beat. I suppose that's how Garrison Keillor ended up eating there and why he mentioned it on his show.

It's definitely why we ended up there...because he mentioned it on his show, that is.

We had crawfish etouffee. Decent, but not seasoned enough for our liking. Nothing that a little Tabasco sauce couldn't solve.

We had fried pickles. Yum. Did I mention that it was after 8 pm before we had a chance to sit down and we'd only had brunch that day?

We also had the shrimp buster - butterflied shrimp, pounded flat, served on french bread with shrimp buster sauce. Delicious.

We also had catfish, but hunger overcame me - and others - before I could take a photo of it.

Service is slow, but good. The food is fried, but delicious. Herby-K's is a definite dive that shouldn't be missed!


  1. You gotta watch out for that Shrimp buster sauce...

  2. It will come back to haunt you.