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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Am Unobservant

As I mentioned yesterday, being back in something of a routine has allowed my brain to reboot and get back to normal function.

All of this explains why I realized Monday morning that I've been terribly unobservant.

I was racing around, getting ready for work, when this caught my eye:

A closer look:

This is a bracelet that I'd deeply admired when my friend, S, wore it. I admired it so much that she let me borrow it for a week or so until we went for a visit. She told me where she'd bought it, but when you're out of routine, going to the store for a "just for fun" purchase is out of the question.

She stayed at our house last Thursday evening after a conference and left Friday morning to return home.

I found this bracelet Monday morning.

That's right, my sweet friend had gone to the store to purchase a bracelet that I'd deeply admired but had no time to buy and had left it as a zawadi.

What a sweet thing to do. So sad that I didn't notice it - despite a relaxing weekend around the house - for three days. Pathetic.

But thank you, S, from your very unobservant, but very grateful, friend!!!!

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