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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back to the Routine

We're home - back after eight days on the road.

I'll share more about the road trip, the sights seen and the great food eaten, but first I have to say that there's something unique about traveling with friends.

You have to be really good friends to spend eight days living together. Together in the car. Together at camp. Together for meals. Together for sightseeing.

Also together for grouchy mornings. Together for low energy. Together for bad attitudes. Together for (uncomfortable) spousal spats. Together for bed-head mornings.

Together for ev-er-y-thing.

Thankfully friends make the good and bad moments very worthwhile - and if you aren't good friends, you couldn't look back on the trip (after a bit of time has passed) with fond memories.

All of that being said - we (us and our friends) are very glad to be back in our respective homes, returning to routine. I'm very excited to get back to my new (fantastic) job and the business of daily life in Texas.

Even better, we're in town for an entire month (if you don't count a conference on the West Coast in a couple of weeks). Weekends at home, training with our running group and time to do household projects. Sewing, yardwork, clearing out the filing cabinet, hanging list is pretty long.

But tonight, now that we're home, our number one job is to appease the furbabies. Despite having a loving furbabysitter while we were gone, Ben refused to play games with her and Bridget didn't want to eat treats. They couldn't have been any more clear that they needed their people back at home.

And for tonight, that's ok. I have a lap - and a laptop awaiting blog posts - that's more than able to host a furbaby or two for some love and attention.

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