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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Thing

When we first got together, The Boy and I used to play a little game. It didn't have a name, nor did it really have any rules. The game began when he asked me to say one thing that I loved about him. Sometimes I started it by asking him to say one thing that he loved about me.

We haven't played that game in a very long time.

That's what 13 years of marriage will do for you.

I suppose it's never late to start anew, so without any further's one thing I love about The Boy:
  • He's funny.
  • He knows I hate burnt toast.
  • He gives me the orange slice from his Cracker Barrel breakfast plate.
  • He encouraged me to start running.
  • He knows that I like my hot dogs lightly cooked.
  • He gives me good advice.
  • He watches rom-coms with me - and doesn't complain.
  • He listens to - and laughs along with - Wait Wait.
  • He can spot crazy a mile away.
  • He doesn't like the beach either.
  • He suggested that we get a cat. Then he let me get another one.
  • He encouraged me to chase the job of my dreams.
  • He learned how to say "I love you" in Kiswahili.
Ok, so maybe it's more than one thing. (And these are certainly not the only things.)

What is one thing you love about someone in your life?

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