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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Western Legend

It wouldn't be a trip through the Great West if we didn't pay homage to one of its legends - Billy the Kid.

To be fair, we didn't plan to pay homage to Billy the Kid, but when we drove past a historical marker pointing us towards his grave, who were we to turn down a stop?

It was a bit of a detour to Old Fort the middle of nowhere...but we found it. (After being told to "turn where a sign used to be but wasn't any more but we would recognize the turn anyway." You can't make this stuff up!)

And there, in the middle of a nearly-empty dusty old cemetery, was his grave.

The "Pals" tombstone commemorates the nearby burial of two close friends.

Interesting tidbit - Billy the Kid's original tombstone was stolen multiple times. The last time it was found in - of all places - Granbury, Texas (close to Dallas).

They made sure to keep it in its place afterwards - bolted to the ground inside the metal cage!

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