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Monday, November 19, 2012

Yes, I Ride Public Transportation

Yes, I ride the train to and from work as often as my schedule will allow.

No, I am not financially destitute with public transportation as my only option. And no, I'm (usually) not the crazy person on the train.

Why take public transport?
  1. My commute takes a consistent amount of time. If traffic is good, the trip takes 40 minutes. If traffic is bad, the trip takes 40 minutes.
  2. I can read and respond to my email without feeling guilty.
  3. Words with Friends
  4. Daily Bible reading
  5. I have a chance to tackle my never-ending bedside "to read" stack
  6. Editing documents for work
  7. People watching
  8. Sort through my Google Reader
  9. Pinterest
  10. Chatting with friends and husbands that are also on the train.


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