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Monday, December 10, 2012

Style Randomness

I took a quick style quiz on Cultivate, a home decorating website, the other week.

Side note: I am a total sucker for "quick quizzes." Fashion, decorating, pet names...I'm all over it.

Anyway, I took the quiz to learn My Kitchen Style.

Here's what it said:
Your kitchen style is: Transitional

Timeless, refined, and sophisticated, this style is for those who are more daring than traditional design but still love a good nod to the past. A harmonious blend of simple, modern lines with classic design elements, this style often attracts people who love serene settings with a tailored dose of style. Dark browns, tans, and warm whites are the colors of choice. Materials such as concrete, honed granite and glass often blend with wood faced cabinetry to add visual interest.
Apparently, I should have a kitchen that looks something like these:

Apparently, I'm also supposed to live in a home that's worth upwards of $500,000.

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