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Friday, January 4, 2013

Joy While Lingering

As I was helping The Boy get ready for work the other morning (one-handedness has its challenges), he noted:

We may be in a new year
but we're still suffering the lingering effects of the old year.

How true. He's still one-handed. Distressingly, I'm still coughing and my lungs still ache despite a full round of steroid treatment.

It's not fun. And we're in the new year! As The Boy also said:

Not all things are made new at the same time.

Drat that.

Yet even in the midst of shaking off the YUCK of the old, it's fun to play I Spy for spots of joy coming with the new.

Joyful things like this: The Boy went to the hand specialist for his 3-1/2 week post-surgical update and learned that he's a 1/2 to 1 week ahead of schedule.

He's a fast healer, that Boy is. Good thing, too, since this whole injury was caused by him being a fast runner.

A bit of joy spotted. It's a {very} good thing.

We're ready for more. Bring it.

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