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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dive Expedition: Chicago Street Pizza

The Boy cooked dinner for the Super Bowl.

I'm always excited when The Boy cooks supper, because that means we're either eating out or doing take-away.


So it was nice to have the following conversation:

Him: What are we eating to celebrate the Super Bowl?

Me: I hadn't thought about it.

Him: Let's try out Chicago Street Pizza. I've heard it's the most authentic Chicago-style pizza that you can get in the metroplex.

Done. I'm always up for trying out a new dive...especially if it's close to home.

So I ordered a large, Chicago deep dish pizza and waited the hour that they told us it would take to bake the pizza.

An hour? Seriously? And a large pizza is only 18" but costs nearly $25? Crazy...

But not so crazy when we went to pick up the pizza and I nearly dropped it because it was SO HEAVY.

I can't describe this pizza. I've never tasted anything like it. The pizza was deep dish but not greasy. The sauce was on top. The cheese was on the bottom.

It was: AMAZING.

It was so amazing that I sent a photo of a slice to one of my team members - she married a Chicago native and has actually drop-shipped pizzas from Chicago to surprise her husband.

One glance at my photo and she confirmed that it looked like the real deal.

(That means The Boy was right...let's leave it at that.)

Dive expedition - success.


  1. I also confirm that that is the real deal! and yes, many of our friends also ship the real deal to their homes as a treat. Now I have to try it.

    1. I love the validation!! You can make a slight loop out of your normal Plano-to-McKinney drive and stop for take-away.

      Just make sure you order about an hour before you go to collect your food.