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Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting It Done

It shocks me how easily I forget the value of downtime in my life. Setting aside never-ending deadlines, even temporarily, is soul restorative.

It's not as though nothing gets done in downtime (this is me, after all), but what gets done nurtures me - creatively, physically and relationally.

Downtime this weekend included the simple pleasures of an 8-mile run with our training group and a long walk to the post office with The Boy.

I spent six overdue hours shopping for new clothes - replacing that which was worn out, adjusting to new body size requirements and preparing for vacation needs.

The sewing machine and I became reacquainted as I made some progress on my latest "recreate that expensive thing for less" project. (An overall fast and easy project if I could just devote more than two hours a month to it!)

While The Boy attacked the yard, I launched a similar assault on the laundry and dust bunnies (more properly called furball fluff in our house) inside.

And I can't forget the hours in the kitchen preparing both The Boy's favorites and testing new recipes...some of which I'll share later this week.

So today, sitting on the train reviewing my still too-long to-do list, I don't feel overwhelmed. I feel empowered and ready to get it done.

Time for me (and time for my Boy) means I have more margin in my life for the demands of the week.

Oh to be able to better remember this!!!

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