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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yok Ha: The Food

We had an all-inclusive package (except for alcohol). That was perfect for us - good food, fresh juice and plenty of water, plus the occasional drink that we purchased as a splurge.

The chefs at Yok Ha were inventive and talented. Plus they fulfilled our two main requests from day one: dairy-free for one of our friends and local food for everyone.

Tostada topped with shredded cabbage

Hodut - mashed plantain, fish fillet and coconut soup

Freshly caught lobster

Eggs with sweet peppers, homemade tortillas and refried beans

Cold shrimp pasta salad

Grilled chicken, beans and rice, and plantain

Banana shake

Belikin Beer - "The Beer of Belize"

Cashew wine - very similar in taste to sherry

Cream of zucchini soup

Conch ceviche

Cold cake - fruit cocktail with biscuits and chilled condensed milk

Shrimp ratatouille

Grilled chicken burger (dairy-free homemade bread!)

Fresh fruit - grape, watermelon, banana and papaya

A wide variety of fresh juices and cool, clean water

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