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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Few Photos

The professional photos from my national conference week are in and I'm really happy that 1) they turned out and 2) I look halfway decent in them.

(I have a long and storied history of awkward arms, strained smiles, shiny skin and the like.)

First, the 2013 new Fellows:

What I didn't mention in my post about conference was that I served last year as the chair of the National Certification committee. We had nearly 90 professionals pass their certification exam during the year. Those who could make it to conference were recognized on stage.

Yours truly did the recognition - using a teleprompter for the first time (yikes!) and managed to avoid messing up any names.

Aren't they a great looking bunch?

But this is my favorite shot. They're also a really fun bunch.

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