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Friday, September 13, 2013

Runner's Feet

It's not uncommon to hear runners discussing toenails falling off or blisters.

I'd had none of those problems.

What I have had is a broken bone (last summer) and plantar fascitis (now). The latter hasn't prevented me from running, but it is a real (literal) pain.

I think it developed, honestly, because of my broken foot from last year. I don't think my foot muscles were properly strengthened post break before I started back into hard-core training.

To treat it requires rest, stretching and icing the sore spot. I've found a frozen golf ball to be painfully helpful with that.

This week I've completely laid off of running to try to speed some healing along in advance of my marathon at the end of October. I'm using KT tape (a sport tape that supports like a brace but flexes like tape) to bring some relief to my arch.

And I'm also following the advice on stretching found in this month's issue of Runner's World. Timing is everything.

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