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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Semper Fi - We're Running Tomorrow!

Just a quick note this evening - we're running the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow morning!! I don't normally post when we're out of town, but since this is a race that I've wanted to run for some time I've thrown the rules out the window.

Last year I broke my foot over the summer and was unable to run. The Boy (aka Marathon Man) and best friend John ran it anyway. Then a hurricane arrived on the day of the marathon, making travelling home something of an adventure.


Weather - good.
No broken bones - very good.
Trained up - good.
Watered up - very good.

Plus I'm running with a friend from my training group. As I've learned, running with a buddy or a group can make a huge mental difference.

I'm excited!!!

In any case, if you are interested in virtually cheering for us, runner tracking is available here.

Full disclosure: I've not tested the system to know exactly how it works.  After all, I'm running the race...I don't really need to track myself and, quite honestly, until I'm done I don't care how the guys are doing!

Anyway, my bib number is 28664.

The Boy's bib number is 25883.

I can't wait to earn my medal...


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