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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Breakfast with a Master

Tuesday morning, a colleague and I headed to Fort Worth for the morning. We were attending a by-invitation press preview for the new Piano Pavilion at the Kimbell Museum of Art.

Really there are times that I just feel so ridiculously lucky to be doing what I do. My company built the new pavilion (let's be honest with terms here - it's a new museum, not a picnic pavilion!) and I get to talk about the wonderful features of the project. What communications graduate doesn't want to have breakfast with the Wall Street Journal and Patron magazine (among others)?

Ridiculously lucky.

And midway through breakfast, I realized how even luckier I was - sitting right behind me, chairs touching back-to-back was the designer of the new pavilion: Renzo Piano.

I had to take a photo so I could remember how close our chairs were!

I love Renzo's work. He's a gifted designer and has the right touch of light and space. Plus he's Italian.

My colleague's photo was better than mine - but I do love the way my poor photo below captures what Renzo captures in his buildings...light.

I haven't included any photos of the new building here. We were meeting in the original Kahn building for the breakfast. If you want to see his new space, you'll need to take time to visit Fort Worth!

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