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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Number 5

Technically, it's number 12 (if this is about me - and isn't it always about me?).

But if it's about The Boy, it's technically number 13.

Race number 12 or race number 13 for 2013, that is.

But still, this post is all about the number 5.

The Boy and I ran the Plano Pacers Prediction 5k Run last night (his 13th race of the year, my 12th). And in the odd way these things often go, we both came in 5th.

First let me explain that you guess your finish time prior to starting the race. Then you run the race sans technology - no watch to help you stay on pace. Your final time is compared to your predicted time and he/she who is closest to the predicted time wins.

So how were we both 5th?

The Boy was the 5th person to finish the race. Yay for Speedy Hayley Gonzalez!

I was 5th in predicting my time versus my actual time (I was 15 seconds faster than I thought I'd be). Yay for Mrs Knows Her Pace Hayley!

Truly it was a fun - though very cold and dark (42F, 7 pm on unlit trails) - race. It was also a good test of our ability to pace ourselves while running. I suspect we'll likely run it again. After all, it's a nice free after-work race on the trails close to our house.

By the way, The Boy placed 14th in time guessing (he was 29 seconds faster than he predicted). Not bad at all!

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