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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Living Deadline to Deadline

I think I've become a boring person. Lots of work, lots of running and not enough time resting to engage my creative juices.

It's a deadline-to-deadline existence.

So the question is what should I do about it? I enjoy my work and really enjoy running. There just doesn't seem to be enough white space between those two activities for much beyond resting and the normal "have to's" of life - things like cleaning, grocery shopping, church attendance and so on.

Even if I wanted to be more involved in something fun, I don't have time for it.

Or perhaps I just haven't figured out what I want most. My prioritization skills are out of whack.

It's definitely something I need to spend some time thinking about. I hadn't realized how much of my personality and enjoyment of life was wrapped in having life white space.

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  1. Yay ! White space!! Margins!! (You'd better figure this out before we speak on