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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Speaking of Donuts...A Belated Report

At the end of last month, we ran the second annual Hypnotic Donut Dash.

The morning was cold enough that the race started and finished indoors. A very nice perk, but it wreaked havoc on our running watches. More on that later.

Just like last year, we had pre-race yoga:

And post-race local beer:

And local coffee - yep, they French pressed for everyone:

Plus more donuts than you could dream of eating:

And just like last year, Kelly took home a prize in his age group. He took third place, but the reported pace was slightly off (see earlier comment about starting indoors messing with the timing). He ran fast, but certainly not a 6:33 pace!

I won a prize, too - local jams. My achievement? Knowing way more than one should about the history of Hypnotic Donuts.
Thank you to the local food blogs for helping me get to where I am today.

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