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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cuba: Day Five

We woke up on our last day of work in Havana feeling surprised that it had arrived so soon.
Because we'd "worked out" the earlier neighborhood, we headed to two other neighborhoods for work. I joined a team working in a neighborhood called "Sports Casino" to help launch a church plant that was starting the following Sunday. Kelly worked in another neighborhood close to a more established church where many of our interpreters attended.
Doesn't the church planting family look like fun? We had such a great time working with them.

What I really appreciated about this pastor was his heart for relational evangelism. He told us they were focused on making friends and earning the right to share.

Sports Casino was a very different neighborhood - homes (small ones) with fenced in yards. The pastor told us that this made it difficult for them to do much in-home visiting.

The streets were also wider and with fewer established trees.

But once again, really great visits.

But all too soon we were making our goodbyes. We loved the teams we worked with.

We made sure to wrap up with plenty of time to visit.

And (for some of the team) to nap.

And visit some more.

When we took our interpreter team back to the church, we needed to use a special parking permit.

Why? Because there were tons of people coming to Calvary Baptist.

It was time for the annual Baptist Convention! What a fun way to wrap our ministry days (for the Hayleys, anyway).

Dinner was at a well-known local restaurant, El Aljibe. It's an open-air restaurant specializing in family-style Cuban food.


It was a great way to end our last day of "working."

By the way - the final counts:
  • 291 people heard the gospel
  • 243 accepted salvation

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