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Monday, March 31, 2014

Running and Running

So we ran a lot the other weekend.

Our friends (also our realtors) asked us to help support their efforts with a local charity by running their company's first-ever 5k. We said Sure! and that's how we ended up running a race on Saturday.

Then we received a tantalizing email from the Dallas Rock and Roll Half Marathon promising a very special medal if you ran the half, then ran the Dallas Marathon in December. Since we were already planning to run the marathon in December, we said Sure! and that's how we ended up running a race on Sunday.

This is just a fun photo of one of my running group member's husband. He prefers to run barefoot or in minimal shoes. That's all fine and good, unless you have to attach a chip timer tag to your shoe. His solution? A dog collar wrapped around his ankle.

This isn't the very special medal. We have to wait until December to get that.

But what I did get Sunday afternoon was 1) a long nap, 2) very sore muscles and 3) new resolve to cut back on my number of races to just those I really really want to run. I'll still train and get my miles in but I think I'm going to spend more time in 2014 on Team Kelly than I am pounding the pavement in pursuit of medals.

And that's ok.

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