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Friday, May 9, 2014

Guess I Really Needed That Beauty Sleep

We've been tired. Busy, yes, but mostly tired.

We blame allergy season and the drought-exacerbated dusty air for our lack of ability to sleep deeply.

That's why we went to bed at 9 pm the other night. An early turn-in and a slightly later rise left us feeling much closer to human. Not 100%, but better.

Still, I was surprised when I had this conversation with a coworker later that day:
Coworker: Are you going to the XYZ luncheon today?

Me: Not that I know of, why?

Coworker: I just wondered. You're all dressed up today like you're going out.

Me: I'm going to ABC's networking event tonight, but I've worn this to the office lots of times.

Coworker: Ah, that explains it. I mean, you're wearing make-up and all that stuff.

Me: I always wear make-up!

The moral to this story: Tired makes you look less presentable than you might imagine.

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