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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Weirdest Day...Probably Ever

So Saturday was weird, very very weird.

Kelly and I got up later than normal after a very late night out with friends and headed to the lake to run.

Not weird. That's nearly every Saturday.

But we didn't meet up with our normal group of running friends (because we were late) so we parked at a different part of the lake and ran different training plans for the day.

That was weird.

And since we started from a different part of the lake, that put us close to a donut shop we'd wanted to try - Hypnotic Donuts.

Their donuts are weird. And wonderful - but more on that in another post.

We headed from there to The Hope Center to pick up a laptop (Kelly does a little accounting work on the side for a friend's ministry). No problem. Except Kelly forgot the office keys, so we went home instead.

After showering, Kelly said he'd be happy to run errands with me, including household shopping.

That was VERY weird.

So we spent all afternoon together, running around Plano. We even fit in another stop at The Hope Center where, keys in hand, we collected the laptop we meant to pick up in the morning.

Then it was back home for freshening up before an early dinner with a friend. Kelly took a bit of time to do some accounting, which is when he realized that he'd left the laptop power cord at The Hope Center. (!!!)

Such is life, right? So we headed off to The Hope Center - for the third time in a single day (WEIRD) - and the on to dinner.

I should mention that dinner was at Rise No. 1, a French bistro in Dallas. We met up with Kelly's former hand therapist (as he said, the only women he's allowed to hold his hand other than me since we got married...he's weird but I love him!). Dinner was great.

Part of the reason we ate at Rise was that Kristen had treated the chef for a hand injury. We chatted with the owner (the chef's wife) for about 10 minutes (WEIRD).

Then Kristen noticed that Kelly had another hand injury. Not as devastating as the Devastating Thumb Injury of 2012-2013, but still something he needs to have treated.

More on that later. But needless to say, weird.

HOWEVER, the ultimate weird dining event happened while we were midway through our dessert souffles. Kelly looked up and said "There's George Bush."

Of course, Kristen and I said, "No it's not."

Not that we were looking where he was looking, but we were sure he was kidding us.

But when Pres. Bush tripped over Kristen's chair on the way to the table next to ours, stopped to apologize, we realized that Kelly was being totally serious.

I'm not going to lie - I was starstruck. We all were starstruck. How often do you sit 10 feet away from a former president?

I'm STILL in shock. It was the singular most surreal moment of my life, I think.

Yep, still weird to look at that photo and realize I was sitting.right.there. Close to the former president. While I was out to dinner with my husband and a friend in the midst of an already weird day.

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