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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Things My Cats Have Taught Me

Sure - you can call me the crazy cat lady. I'll own the label.

But if our children can teach us lessons, then surely we can accept that furbabies can teach us lessons as well.

For example, my two have taught me that:

1) Sometimes you just have to snuggle.

It doesn't matter if there's work to be done or deadlines to be met, spending time together is top priority.

2) You should let people know you miss them.

Every evening, Ben and Bridget are waiting by the utility room door. When we had to temporary park in front of our house while the alley was being repaired, they sat in the sidelight window to watch for us to walk up to the door.

3) Routine is important.

From the time that Bridget joined us as a young cat, she has been consistent in her routine. Around 9:45, she puts herself to bed - whether we're ready to join her or not. Every morning and every evening, both cats are ready for "treat time" and will let us know if we're running behind schedule. Very cute, except when we're out of treats or during Daylight Savings.

4) Being content is a good thing.

As I'm typing this, Ben is on my lap, purring deeply. When he gets up, Bridget will make her way over here to do the same. Both of them truly enjoy being with us - sitting still, playing games, getting brushed or merely hearing us coo ridiculously fussy love phrases at them. They are generous with the purr - which makes me feel content, too. And I wonder - is my contentedness equally contagious to those around me?

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