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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random Thoughts Mid-Week

Our internet-less weekend, combined with previous no electricity and frozen pipe episodes, have made me realize that in the United States it's the thought of going without that's more stressful than actually going without.

Homemade cookies are always a great thank you gift.

Cats more than occasionally forget that you aren't a cat, with their all for one and one for all approach to food and beverages.

I miss my husband when he works late once a week.

The odds that I eat a proper meal on nights that I'm home alone are very slim. Apparently I naturally gravitate to a "eat two bites of 10 different unrelated items" approach to building a meal - an ounce of Brie, grapes, a slice of bread, gherkins, jello and a toasted coconut marshmallow will do nicely.

Speaking of meals, I'm currently addicted to jello salads. Orange with carrots and pineapple, lime with celery and grapefruit, cherry with peaches...somebody stop me.

And speaking of stopping me, the only way you'll get toasted coconut marshmallows away from me is by prying them out of my cold dead fingers. The Jet-Puff brand has delivered an amazing product win.

It turns out that restructuring my role and my team gave me exactly no extra time in a day, but gave me oodles of extra mental bandwidth. I'll take it.

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