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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blog Reading...5 Years Later

Exactly five years ago, I wrote about the blogs I loved reading.

The blogs I love are simply fun to read. They're not work-related or family-related or news-related.

I stumbled across that post last month and wondered how much my reading list might have changed over time. It seemed appropriate to do a comparison.

My favorite blogs in 2009:

My favorite blogs in 2014:

What a difference! I've obviously cut way back on what I read (a time issue or changing interests, I wonder?). I have a serious crush on Kate Middleton's clothing style and am developing similar feelings for Spain's new Queen Letizia. And I think every woman should give Capitol Hill Style a look. It's awesome.

But the one blog that appears on both lists is Young House Love. It's still as great as it always was - and that speaks volumes for its authors.

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