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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Easy Fruit Infusing

With the increased humidity that accompanies summer in North Texas, along with the start of a new marathon training season, Kelly and I need to amp up our water intake.

Drinking water, though, can be boring. Very very boring.

We do a variety of things to encourage ourselves to drink more. We add small amounts of water or juice. We'll even drop a few slices of lemon or lime into a pitcher of water.

I recently discovered yet another way to make fruit infused water that, as a bonus, also keeps our water nice and cool.

Simply freeze your favorite fruit nectar in an ice cube tray:

And freeze. Simple!

When you're ready, drop a juice ice cube into water and let it leech delightful juice flavor. We put it in a to go bottle and add the juice-flavored water to plain water throughout the day.

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